About Us

The program is based on a movement led by the National Trust’s National Main Street Center and has been implemented in nearly 2,000 communities across the country over the past two decades.  The emphasis is on historic preservation and economic development within a defined district that meets the qualifications of being a historic downtown.

We are fortunate to have an Oregon Main Street Program that provides a coordinator to facilitate networking and training events along with marketing concepts, promotion ideas, funding suggestions and a great deal of technical services to our community program.  Our Sherwood Main Street Coordinator attends quarterly networking/training sessions along with some of our committee chairs.

Our committee members are working diligently towards on-going improvements in our Sherwood Old Town/Main Street district.

Organization: Tess Kies, 503-516-7114  organization@sherwoodmainstreet.org
Promotion: Kendra Kurtz, 503-307-8175  promotions@sherwoodmainstreet.org
Design: Mary Bower, 503-265-1572 design@sherwoodmainstreet.org
Economics: Bill Montgomery, 503-686-3299 econ@sherwoodmainstreet.org


Our Board of Directors has played a hugely significant role to the success of the program:

President: Lee Weislogel
Vice President: Bill Montgomery
Secretary: Alison Bertalotto

Treasurer: Gregg Jacot
Member: Jeff Sackett
Member: Allen Bower
Member: Bob Silverforb

Member: Charles Harbick

Ex-Officio Member: Tom Pessemier
Council Liaison: Krisanna Clark
Coordinator: Angi Ford